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Paper review: “Tiered Categorization of a Diverse Panel of HIV-1 Env Pseudoviruses for Assessment of Neutralizing Antibodies”

Key authors: Division of Viral Pathogenesis, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA):┬áMichael S. Seaman Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention (Seattle, WA): Holly Janes, Natalie Hawkins, Linda Harris, Blake Wood, Steve Self, Peter B. Gilbert. … Continue reading

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Greg re: time series data

Today I stopped by Greg’s office and we talked a bit about this time series course he’s taking currently (winter ’12). I spoke to him about probability and weighting information in poker, and he mentioned an exponential weighting scheme that … Continue reading

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Meta-post: One organizational scheme to rule them all

So I’ve always had multiple journals running on different but overlapping subjects, including statistics, immunology and infectious disease, probability, poker (both session logs and thoughts), personal journal about life events, and those related to fitness and making money, as well … Continue reading

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New software: Pandoc, RememberTheMilk, HyPhy, oh my!

Learning how to use software is a gradual process; in my experience progress occurs nonlinearly (advances tend to come in spurts). Is it worth the potential efficiency gain to learn something new? Well, that’s a decision that I can only … Continue reading

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