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Regular expressions for renaming files

I have a list of files I want to rename, but want to retain a number, date, subject, and filetype. The list is formatted as: Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_100_-_12-7-2010_-_PLO_with_Slow_Habit_Part_2.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_101_-_12-14-2010_-_PLO_with_Slow_Habit_Part_3.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_109_-_2-8-2011_-_Baluga_Whale_II_Part_1.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_10_-_3-17-2009_-_High_Stakes_Poker_with_Baluga_Whale.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_110_-_2-15-2011_-_Baluga_Whale_II_Part_2.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_111_-_2-22-2011_-_Hands_from_a_Split_Pot_Cash_Game.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_115_-_3-22-2011_-_Limon_III.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_11_-_3-24-2009_-_Special_Guest_Baluga_Whale.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_127_-_8-2-2011_-_Live_No_Limit_Leaks_Part_1.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_128_-_8-9-2011_-_Live_No_Limit_Leaks_Part_2.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_13_-_4-7-2009_-_Special_Guest_DeathDonkey.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_33_-_8-25-2009_-_PLO_with_Michealsc.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_34_-_9-1-2009_-_Hands_From_a_Cash_Game_Session_Part_1.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_35_-_9-8-2009_-_Hands_From_a_Cash_Game_Session_Part_2.mp3 Deuce_Plays_-_Episode_37_-_9-22-2009_-_Special_Guest_Limon.mp3 … Continue reading

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Multivariate regression for pre-post observational data

As part of a consulting project, an investigator came for assistance with a preliminary analysis of data from an observational study on change in health-related quality of life (HRQL) from pre- to post-hospitalization for an acute condition. Analysis of the data presented … Continue reading

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Causal Modeling Homework 4 (final)

Homework 4 covers the following topics: Markov equivalence classes (of directed acyclic graphs) define ‘equivalent graphs’ in terms of d-separations implied by each class of graphs From a set of d-separations, determine adjacent pairs of vertices, unshielded colliders, corresponding Markov equivalence … Continue reading

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Vagal tone and prosocial behavior

Two articles provide a connection between physiological control over heart rate and the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system (vagal tone), empathic traits (empathic accuracy and empathic behaviors), and social power. First source is entitled, “Social Power Facilitates the Effect of Prosocial Orientation … Continue reading

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DSMB reports

Met with Eric today and went over some tables that are generated each study period. Some time-specific sequences: Data collection will stop about 4-6 weeks out from the time the DSMB meeting is to occur (to give the CTC time … Continue reading

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Traumatic brain injury treatment (concepts and vocabulary)

An issue came up with some time checking regarding three events (chemical paralysis, advanced airway placement, and qualifying GCS test) and when they happened relative to when the study kit was opened. This led to a discussion of placement of … Continue reading

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Book wish list / review list

I’ve noticed I have a hard time “guiding and directing” my learning, and oftentimes I acquire information and develop intuition through non-intuitive and/or seemingly non-informative activities (how nonintuitive!). I don’t know if this is hindsight bias, but it often was … Continue reading

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